Keynotes are 20–30 minute presentations given by music industry experts and executives, followed by live Q&A sessions with the audience.

Keynotes allow the audience to learn practical solutions to music investment-related problems.


Investing in Music Catalogs

Investing in music catalogs is not necessarily a new phenomenon, since record labels have been buying and selling song rights for years. However, it has not been up till recently when investor interest has picked up. Now, more and more platforms are giving everyday investors the opportunity to invest directly in some of the world's best known songs. So how can investors get involved and is it worth it?


As in any other industry, financial resources play a pivotal role in enhancing musicians’ business and activity. Crowdfunding makes it easier for artists and music promoters to emerge in ways nobody could have ever predicted. With the development of new communication technologies and the continuous rise of social networks in recent years, crowdfunding has become one of the best ways for artists to realize their ambitious projects. Moreover, a well-crafted campaign has the potential to foster a robust fan base. However, the success of every crowdfunding campaign lies primarily in careful planning and preparation, a cornerstone that is often overlooked by the artists.

Metadata protection and reliability

Although metadata sounds like the most boring things in music, it actually turns to be one of the most important part of a musician’s career. Without metadata, the music industry would come to a standstill. This vital information is required in order to manage music files, allowing data to be properly created, stored, sorted and used in a wide range of applications. However, there is still no standardized way to present this information, resulting in missing payments to the artists and other copyrights owners.

NFTs, Blockchain, and AI in music

Just recently, The Grammy Awards announced that next year’s show would be commemorated by a series of non-fungible tokens. This is the latest example of how the technology underlying the brave new world of crypto is influencing how musicians make their money. By selling tokenized versions of their tracks or any form of digital art, many performers have added millions to their revenues. But with the new technologies, there are many questions which require answers.

Finances on Streaming Platforms

Streaming has become such an important part of artists’ record releases, and can obviously provide generous opportunities to singers and songwriters. However, without fair remuneration, more and more artists start feeling exploited. What is the future of streaming platforms and can there be any substitution to them?

The Future of Live events

Performers like Dua Lipa would never have live-streamed a full concert before the pandemic. Nevertheless, her online concert in December 2020 broke records, with five million people connecting worldwide. With the world recovering from the pandemic and returning to more offline regime, what is the future of live events? And let us remind you that historically, concert revenues have made up the majority of an artist’s income.

Music and Government

There is not a person who wouldn’t have heard of the influence Korean music has had on global culture. But as it turns out, this “wave” was not an accident. It all began as a deliberate strategy orchestrated by the Korean government in the late 1990s. Is South Korea the only country that used music as their soft power on a political stage? How do other countries treat music, and what is its role in the era of globalization?

Ways to discover an Artist

With the rise of social medias there are a million ways to be noticed, and for a new artist that sounds promising. However, that may also sound confusing. We see overnight success stories exploding from various social media platforms, annihilating traditional marketing paradigms that existed in the music industry for years. After they've made a song, where is a new artist supposed to focus their attention?

Keynotes 2021

Exploiting music rights to maximize revenue
Charlie Lexton, COO at Merlin

Celebrity collaborations for early-stage startups: Reface case
Kateryna Marushchak, Head of Business of Reface

Winning in the next golden age of music
Eric Baptiste, CEO at QwantumRights solutions

How to make songs “click” for global audiences?
Brian Malouf, Co-Founder at Djooky, Multi-platinum producer

How building artist brand helps in monetizing their creativity
Michelle Edgar, Head of Music Partnerships at LiveXLive; Founder & CEO at The XX Project Inc.

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