Fastest-growing Music Market in the World: Investing in Latin America November 18, 2022 • 12:00 BRT
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The Latin American music investment market is currently the fastest-growing music market in the world, and it’s high time we started watching it more closely. Djooky Music Investment Summit event dedicated to the emerging music market in Latin America gives a chance to learn about the prevalent trends on the market and how to apply them. The event creates an opportunity to hear directly from the top producers, analysts, and investors and align your business with cultural and financial aspects of the market, with real-life examples.

The Djooky Music Investment Summit event brings together the experts to demonstrate the real-life cases of effective strategies of both the emerging into the global music markets — finding investors worldwide as well as successful approaches to localization of the music business, with definable investment strategies.

Alongside experienced speakers, the event provides a platform for networking and communication to open the discussion between the Latin American producers and artists and connect them with the global investors.


Panel Discussion

Let’s get it right: an investment guide into the Latin American music market

  • What are the cultural particularities in the music industry in the area?
  • How to navigate through the legal and financial aspects to consider when investing?
  • What are the common mistakes made by beginners on the market?
  • How to spot trends in the fastest growing music market

The success story of localization: a way into the Latin American music hemisphere

Running a successful company is a big achievement in the music industrly, however, turning your project into an international hit can bring it to the new level. When Latin American emerging music market is at alltime high, it a great time to consider localisation of your business there.

In this presentation, you will get insights into the real-life case study of how to enter the Latin American music market as a foreigner.

By learning the nuances of how to operationalize your business to click with the Latin American audience, improve your strategies and apply them locally.


What a story of the successful woman in Latin Music can teach both artists and investors worldwide

While music industry is still a male-dominated field, it is the high time to take a look at music industry from a different perspective. In this presentation you will engage with Latin American music biggest female breakthrough.

You will learn insights on how to create content that resonates with listeners globally.

In this presentation, get to know the struggles Latin music creators face when emerging into the international music investment market, and most importantly, discover ways to navigate through the market omitting the common mistakes.


Efficient ways to make it in the global music market: local business strategies to conquer the music world

With the great growth of the Latin American music market, many conmapies find themselves at the crossroads of whether it is worth it to move up from the local level to the global.

Operationalizing your business and preparing for it to enter the international level of the music industry can be quite a challenging task.

In this presentation, you will learn the insights from the real-life case study on how to globalize your business in an effective way. You will get insigts into how to adapt to the demands of the different market and stay true to your brand.


Latin American to become the world trendsetter, breakthrough story and what investors and artists can learn from it

World music market is now more competitive than ever. Nevertheless, Latin American artists have proven many times that with the professional strategic thinking and the knowledge of the global market the super-star can be born!

In this presentation, you will get access to the exclusive hacks on how to produce and manage an international hit.

You will learn how to maintain relevance after the breakthrough success.

The expert will share the strategies on how to find investors globally.


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