Japanese Music Market: the Emerging Potential for Big Investments December 16, 2022 • 16:00 JST
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Asian music markets are growing faster than ever. The Japanese music market is now set to be the center for both international and local entertainment businesses. Our event is the opportunity to meet its movers and shakers.

This event brings together professionals sharing their knowledge on cultural and financial aspects of investing in the music industry in Japan, showcasing some real-life case studies and effective strategies from top-tier production companies.

Besides featuring professionals’ practical approaches to successfully entering the Japanese music investment market, this event creates an online platform for engagement between artists, producers from Japan, international peers, and investors from around the world.


Panel Discussion

How it’s done on the Japanese music market: cultural and economic peculiarities

  • Why do cultural features matter in music investment in Japan?
  • What are the key differences from the Western markets in Japan’s financial approach?
  • What are the common mistakes when localizing a business in Japan?
  • How to find connections in the foreign market: networking and cooperation strategies that work in the Japanese music investment market

Emerging tech in the emerging market: innovative approaches to the music industry in Japan

Japanese investment market is mostly known for its futuristic vision on technology. Nevertheless, it's high time to get to know the ways you can combite the knowledge of the tech market with the emerging demand for music investment.

In this presentation, you will learn about the tendencies of the Japanese music industry in terms of digitalization and technologies.

You will also gain insights into the potential of Japan’s music tech business.


An integrated path into successful investment in the Japanese music market

Due to its unique market, Japan remains to be one the hardest spots for the international musicians and businesses to secure their global status. Learning from the common mistakes and the business plans that actually work will save you a lot of time and resources!

Using a real-life case study, this presentation will teach you essential strategies of how to enter the Japanese music market.

Through this event, you will get to know valuable insights into the nuances of accessing the Japanese music market as a foreign company.


The ways Japan-based companies derive into the global music market

With the emerging of the music industry in Japan, numerous of the locally based companies strive to enter the global scale. An expert in the field will teach you how to globalize your business on the international market.

In this presentation, you will discover methods and approaches that work when entering global markets.

You will also evaluate actions from a real-life case study that achieved success when moving to the global level.


Non-English speaking artist’s innovative approaches to become a world-acclaimed superstar

Some experts claim that music market is exaggerated at the moment. However, atrists from Japan successfully find their top spot in the global charts. In this presentation, a professional will discuss the insights of producing breakthrough content.

Following this event, you will understand how to strategically plan your media presence once you receive international clout.


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